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Clean Christian Bachelor Party Ideas

Posted on: January 8th, 2013 by DoomedTom

Christian Clean Bachelor Party

“Don’t drink.  Don’t smoke.  What do you do?”- Adam Ant

 I know what’s probably going through your mind… It sounds almost counterintuitive to think of clean Christian Bachelor party ideas, doesn’t it?  How on earth can you possibly throw a clean bachelor party? Just by placing such seemingly contradictory concepts next to each other in the same sentence seems to create feelings of awkwardness and boredom.

But, shocker of shockers, I’ve come to realize that there’s a huge population of Christian and religious men getting married each year who just so happen to be looking for fun and different choices when it comes to planning their bachelor party. Maybe they’re not exactly hopping the red-eye to Vegas for lap-dances, or doing Jell-o shooters in their trashed hotel room at the Bellagio, but they’re still looking for fun activities to celebrate the imminent passing of their ill-fated friend or brother.

Well, guess what! There’s plenty of things that you can do with your Doomed Groom that won’t make him hang his head in shame the next time he walks past his reverend or priest. I’ve listed below just a few ideas for a Christian bachelor party – but always remember – you are only limited by your imagination.

Modifying The B.O.D.Y. B.A.G. Method

Hopefully you have already read my posts on The B.O.D.Y. B.A.G. method.  If not, take a moment and look them over.  It gives the best man and/or bachelor party planner valuable advice on how to pull off the perfect night of fun, as efficiently as possible.

At the heart of this method is the concept of B.A.G. Unity, which means (in a nutshell) that the planner should be striving – at all times – for activities where there are at least two of the following three conditions present:

B – Babes

A – Alcohol

G – Grub

 Well, as you can see… The first two are kind of out of place in this type of bachelor party. They don’t exactly fit the definition of “clean” – now do they? That’s why I have modified the method and replaced them with the following:

B – Brotherhood

A – Amusement or Activity

G – Grub

Brotherhood – One of the most important things about having a fun bachelor party is making sure that there’s a good collection of friends and family around. The idea of brotherhood and fellowship is no less important (if not more so) when it comes to having a clean bachelor party. When you take away the distraction of alcohol and strippers, it creates an atmosphere of opportunity for guys to spend some real quality time with each other.

Now, I’m not talking about a bunch of dudes sitting around a coffee table, talking about their feelings, and getting weepy… I’m just saying that you can go a little deeper and get past the normal superficiality of the usual stag party.

I’ve actually heard about Christian bachelor parties where the attendees that are already married get up and tell the groom-to-be the one most important thing they’ve learned about being a husband. It gives everyone a great opportunity to tell some funny stories and really make the bachelor feel comfortable about the fate that awaits him after he says, “I do.”

Amusement or Activity – One of the biggest mistakes a “clean” bachelor party can make is making the assumption that just because they can’t go to a strip club or a bar, there’s nothing fun or worthwhile for them to do. This couldn’t be further from the truth!

Below, I’ve listed just a couple of activities that your group could do for with your bachelor and everyone can have a blast – and there’s not a stripper in sight:

Golf – Reserve a tee time for your groom on a cool course and then take a limo to his favorite restaurant for dinner.

Ball Game – Take your bachelor party to a ballgame! The entire crew would probably love to spend a day or night in the stands watching their home team play.

Whitewater Rafting Excursions – Get his adrenaline pumping with a trip down the roaring rapids.

Camping – Get into the great outdoors and rough it for the weekend.

Skiing/snowboarding – Shred some moguls during the day and then gather around the fire for some good food – and even better, fellowship – at night.

Skydiving – He thinks getting married is scary?  Give him a little perspective.

Scavenger Hunt – Send him on a wild goose chase – but for fun!  I’ve put together a fun scavenger hunt for these kind of bachelor parties. Sure, it’s a little racy in its current state, but I’m sure it could be modified with just a little bit of imagination (and yes, maybe a lot less drinking).

Fishing – How about a day at the lake? You could even take your bachelor deep-sea fishing off the coast of Cabo San Lucas to hook a marlin.

Grub – Make sure you take a moment and read my post on picking the right bachelor party restaurant. You’ll find some really good tips for planning a place your group can go to eat.

Also, while you don’t need a designated driver, I still highly recommend renting a limo. First off, it keeps your group organized and together, and when you have over a certain number of guys the parties can get unwieldy, so any help you can get will be appreciated. And secondly – why should the drunk people have all the fun? Indulge yourself! Go out on the town in style!

Always remember – there are absolutely no limits to what you can do. Just open your mind up, use your imagination, and be creative.  Remember, originality counts!