Proposal And Engagement Ideas

7 Helpful Engagement Ring Tips

Posted on: October 4th, 2013 by DoomedTom

Engagement-Ring-TipsOkay, let’a get this out of the way right at the top. You’re going to get it wrong. I mean, when you really think about it, how could you ever get it right? Buying an engagement ring for your soon-to-be fiancé — someone who is supposed to wear it sight unseen “’till death do you part”, mind you — is a recipe for disaster, wrapped inside an exercise in futility. The best you can hope for is to somehow screw it up — less. To that end, we’ve come up with seven helpful engagement ring tips that will hopefully mitigate the inevitable disappointment you’re doomed to encounter. And we’re also letting you in on a dirty little secret your bride will never admit that could help put your mind a little more at ease.

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Wedding Day Survival Tips

Star Wars wedding? You’re doing it right. (And Today’s Wedding Deals, Steals, and Links)

Posted on: July 23rd, 2013 by DoomedTom


The force is strong with these two.

Save 15% off on Groomsmen Gift orders over $50 at American Bridal until 7/28.

Lots of fun Bachelor Party gear and drinking games are on sale at Be Wild.com for 10% off until the end of August. Enter the promo code CJ1000 to get the discount.

This guy’s wedding was worse than yours: Groom possibly suing restaurant after over 100 guests get gastroenteritis after eating (allegedly) bad pork. |The West Australian|

Going to buy any funny bachelor party shirts for your Groom-To-Be in the near future? CafePress.com is giving a 30% discount on their shirts for the next two days. Enter the code TWO30 at checkout.

Ingenious Bachelor Party Prank Of The Day: Groom is tricked into thinking he’s bungee jumping. Link after the jump.

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Wedding Planning

10 Fun Comic Book Groomsmen Gifts

Posted on: July 19th, 2013 by DoomedTom


What with Comic-Con now in full swing down in San Diego, and thousands upon thousands of comic-book nerds (I don’t mean that in a bad way) in attendance, we here at the Doomed Groom wouldn’t be surprised if some of them took advantage of the situation and had a fun comic book themed wedding. And if that’s the case — they would probably need some fun Comic Book Groomsmen Gifts, too!

Just think of it — Jean Grey walking down the aisle with Iron Man waiting at the altar, Professor X giving her away… The Joker spiking the punch bowl and Deadpool hitting on all the available bridesmaids… Magneto crashing the party, getting drunk and going on and on with Aquaman about how mutants and humans shouldn’t mix. Sort of like my uncle did at my wedding. A fun time will be had by all. Sort of makes me want to slip on my cowl and hop on the first train to San Diego.

Once a week, we like to put together a list of cool groomsmen gift ideas based on certain themes. If you’re having a wedding and looking for some gift ideas for your wedding party, or have a theme like this one “Fun Comic Book Groomsmen Gifts” drop us a line and we might just feature your idea on one of our next installments. Also, check out our groomsmen gift shopping section where we have thousands of gifts for you to check out!

For now, on to the gallery!

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Wedding Planning

Groom Advice – Welcome To Doomed Groom v2.0!

Posted on: March 14th, 2013 by DoomedTom

If you’ve been here to The Doomed Groom before, you’ve probably noticed that things are looking a little bit — different — around here. I decided it was time to make a change to the format, so I’ve transformed DoomedGroom.com into a daily blog where you can find not only bachelor party ideas and tips , but also groom advice, great honeymoon getaways, and groomsmen gift ideas. If you look at the site subtitle “Groom Advice For Guys Who Didn’t Want To Get Married In The First Place” — it sort of says it all. But, don’t worry — all the articles you know and (hopefully) love are still here.

The design has changed a bit… Maybe some of the colors, too. But, more importantly, I’ve made some really aggressive structural re-designs, as well:

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Honeymoon Ideas

Kid Friendly Honeymoon Ideas

Posted on: February 26th, 2013 by DoomedTom

He’s doing WHAT to my mom in there???

You’ve probably always imagined your honeymoon as something different: a special time spent together with only you and the woman of your dreams. But instead, fate had something else in store for you — a wicked little twist that turned your plans upside-down. The ultimate bride you’d always hoped and wished for all your life, just so happens to have 2 1/2 kids in tow. Sure, you love them like your own — but now you’re looking everywhere for kid friendly honeymoon ideas that everyone can enjoy and probably coming up short.

Ideally, you want to find vacations that are not only entertaining for your new family, but also include a bit of romance for you and your new mate, right? Well, don’t fret. It’s not as difficult as it may sound to find a kid friendly honeymoon as you might think. If you follow these tips, planning a trip with your new family won’t have to be such a chore.

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Bachelor Party Ideas

How To Plan A Fun Bachelor Party Scavenger Hunt

Posted on: January 9th, 2013 by DoomedTom

Bachelor Party Scavenger Hunt

Every lame bachelor party website out there has some stupid bachelor party scavenger hunt or to-do list that will (somehow) magically take any boring night and turn it into Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras. But, when you look at these scavenger hunts a little closer, they all read like a pathetic list of bland ingredients torn from Rachel Ray’s book of “30-minute Bachelor Party Clichés!” Here are just some of the “Wild” (their description, not mine) examples from one of my arch nemeses’ sites:

• Dance by yourself on the Dance floor.
• Get a lap dance from an exotic dancer or a girl at a bar. (Doomed Groom note: “Duh.”)
• Get a tampon from a girl.

Get a tampon from a girl? Seriously? Is this really what you want passing for “fun” at your bachelor party? What’s next? Do a peppermint schnapps shot out of a Summer’s Eve douche bag? Jeez-us Kee-rist. I’d be horrified if I wasn’t so bored to tears.

Instead, I’ve put together a bachelor party scavenger hunt that is one part drinking game – and one part ritualistic passage from single-life into full-blown marital bliss/misery. I have conceived a list of tasks that both encapsulates the life The Doomed Groom is about to leave behind, but also prepares him for the “blessings” of marriage that await him.

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